Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Launch of BHPetrol in Malaysia

    Tan Sri dato' seri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin
    Group Managing Director
    Boustead Holdings Berhad
    I am extremely proud to see the launch of the new corporate identity for Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd. It is Boustead's aspiration to make this company a major player in the downstream petroleum industry in Malaysia. We will continue to expand our network to build market share and at the same time, provide our customers with the best, beginning with the physical appearance of our stations, which will be supported by quality products and excellent service. I am confident the new corporate identity will set us on the right path to become the oil company of choice among Malaysian customers.

    3 Brand Values:
    Reliable, Friendly and Progressive
    The launch of our new corporate identity signals a new era in our commitment to further improve our products and raise our benchmark in service. We believe that our key brand values are a constant reminder for us to push the limits in providing customers with the best motoring experience possible. We are introducing more innovative products to improve your driving pleasure. We are developing intensive staff training programs to ensure you enjoy courtesy at every touch point, and we are ever producing more added-value promotions to reward customer loyalty.

    Top quality lubricants that meet world-class standards
    The full range of SYNGARD automotive lubricants are developed to meet the latest API classifications. The oils are blended using US formulations, with additives sourced from one of the world’s biggest additives’ producers. Suitable for all types and makes of automotive vehicles, they offer superb performance and protection under the toughest conditions.
  • Launched Infiniti Brand for BHPetrol fuel

  • Launched BHPetrol nationwide reimaging strategy to provide a modern, more favourable choice for drive-in stations. The completion of major renovation works across our stations gave our stations’ a refreshing, more inviting image that is fully aligned with our wide variety of facilities and courteous range of services to customers. BHPetrol is intent on continuing to improve its stations nationwide so every stopover offers greater satisfaction to our customers. Read more

  • Launched Infiniti Advanced2x Premium Petrol, with the latest High Performance German Additives. Read more

  • First petroleum company in Malaysia to launch Euro5 grade diesel in Johor Bahru. Read more

  • First petroleum company to launch Infiniti Euro5 in the Klang Valley. Read more

    Launched Infiniti Euro5 in the Klang Valley

    BHPetrol nationwide re-imaging

    BHPetrol embarked on an expansive nationwide reimaging exercise to emphasize its distinct commitment towards attaining the highest results by offering best customer services, that makes the greatest impact in terms of positive customer experiences.

    This aspiration to lead continues to be greatly supported by keen customer insights, and highly skilled personnel, some of whom with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our passion for ever higher achievements in Operational Excellence ensure our customers know, BHPetrol is ever determined to connect, and keep connecting with you in ever more creative ways, that add value to your drive.

    Launched in 2015 with a refreshing burst of vibrant colors, this journey of transformation saw improvements in every area of our operations. From a more robust outlook, an exuberant variety of new and upgraded facilities and services, and ever-growing range of exceptional quality products, every innovative detail is in perfect alignment with BHPetrol’s dynamic value proposition, "Reliable. Friendly. Progressive."

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  • Launched new Infiniti Euro5 Diesel using the latest German additives’ package specially engineered for modern diesel engines. Read more


  • BHPetrol has recently embarked into some mini landscaping activities at its selected stations as part of its friendly and progressive approach in creating better go-green initiative besides enhancing customers shopping journey. The first identified and completed 7 stations with landscaping format has its own unique ways in portraying its own lush greenery concept and hope that this small little step will help in creating better environmental impact for now and the near future. For more details and to experience the difference today, do visit our stations ... Read more



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  • The new revolutionised Infiniti with the latest generation German additives at 800 ppm is designed to be the perfect solution for deposit sensitive, modern engines. Read more


  • Dato' Sri Amrin Awaluddin to take the helm at Boustead


    Boustead Holdings Berhad (BHB) has announced the appointment of its new Managing Director, Dato' Sri Amrin Awaluddin, effective May 6, 2019. Dato’ Sri Amrin has had a notable career with 30 years of experience in the corporate arena. Read more