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The Functions of Engine Oil

Engine oil is a vital component of your vehicle’s well-being to ensure continued service and performance.

Inside the engine, there are many metal surfaces that are in contact with one another. A lubricant is required to help these metal parts move smoothly without grinding against one another. Without engine oil, the engine grinds to a stop resulting in serious damage and costly repairs.

What is engine oil? Basically, modern engine oil today is made from processed petroleum oils called base oils that are mixed with special additives. This combination of base oils and additives results in an engine oil capable of giving the required levels of protection and performance.

An engine oil must be thin enough to flow to vital engine parts during cold startups to provide protection, and also be thick enough to protect moving engine parts when the engine is running at high temperatures. Special additives in the formulation give engine oils these special protective characteristics at different temperatures.

What does Engine Oil do?

  1. It acts as a lubricant to reduce friction between moving metal parts in the engine such as cylinders and pistons. Its also helps the engine to start. When these parts move smoothly, the engine’s performance is improved and fuel consumption is reduced.
  2. It protects internal engine parts from wear and corrosion. As a result the engine becomes more efficient and lasts longer.
  3. It cleans the engine. Detergent additives in the engine oil prevent impurities from forming deposits on engine parts, ensuring that it stays clean and performs as designed.
  4. It helps to seal engine housings, piston rings and other contacting surfaces. This makes the engine “air-tight” to maintain optimum engine pressure. The result is more power.
  5. It absorbs and carries heat away from engine parts. Because running engines are subjected to high temperatures, engine oil cools the engine parts and prevents them deforming. The radiator system is responsible for about 60% of the engine cooling process. Engine oil is responsible for nearly 40% of the engine cooling process.

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