Infiniti RON95 & RON97 Euro4M
Infiniti Ron95
Revolutionary fuels for engines to run cleaner, smoother and farther.

BHPetrol is dedicated to giving customers our first priority. This commitment is reflected not only in our services, but also our fuel products the Infiniti Advanced2X, an innovative fuel developed with an infusion of a proprietary additives’ package to ensure you enjoy a simply better drive with more mileage, peak engine performance, and responsiveness. 
Infiniti petrol with superior German additives at double strength, effectively cleans your engine, removing performance - disrupting carbon deposits and reduces friction between the piston rings and cylinder walls. As a result, you get more mileage and moving power worthy of an exceptional ovation at every drive.
  1. Latest additives’ package from Germany.
  2. Additives sourced from world-leading chemical company.
  3. Superior Deposit Cleaning Agents.
    Infiniti is the fuel packed with more proprietary deposit cleaning agents formulated to remove stubborn carbon deposits so your engine stays consistently cleaner.
    (Engine intake valves routinely develop carbon build-up, which soaks up fuel and causes a poor fuel/air mix that prevents optimal combustion.)
  4. Proprietary Friction Reducing Agents for instant, constant mileage gains.
    About 10% fuel is lost to friction caused by the engine’s moving parts. Infiniti Advanced 2X is fortified with the latest friction reducing agents that minimise friction between piston rings and cylinder walls. This reduces energy loss that translates into instant, constant mileage gain.
  5. Double Strength Additives for maximum impact at no extra cost.
    Infiniti Advanced 2X is treated with twice the minimum rate of additives recommended by German additive manufacturer at 800 parts per million (ppm).
  6. Peak performance in almost an instant.
    Ordinary petrol leaves carbon deposits in the Fuel Injector Nozzle, Intake Valve and Combustion Chamber. These 3 major parts of the engine affect combustion efficiency and petrol performance. Carbon deposits accumulate over time, degrading engine performance, causing loss of power, mileage and drivability as the car ages.

fuel injector 

The fuel injector is designed to perform two functions:


Both the injector nozzle and passage are very small, therefore they are very sensitive to small amount of deposits formation. When the car engine is turned off, petrol is trapped inside the injector under high pressure. During this "hot soak" period, deposits start to form in the injector passage and nozzle. Over time, the deposits will reduce the fuel volume delivered and alter the spray pattern from the Original Equipment design. The result is a drop in fuel economy and power loss.


The Intake valve controls the fuel/air intake into the combustion chamber. The hot surface of the intake valve vapourises the fuel to form an efficient combustible mix with oxygen for maximum combustion.

The intake valve surface is subject to deposit formation due to the high temperature and inefficient fuel atomization at the blocked injector. The carbon deposit reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of the fuel combustion. Firstly, by acting as a sponge this soaks some of the fuel, resulting in a lean fuel/air mix. Secondly, carbon being a poor heat conductor reduces the effectiveness of the fuel vapourization. Again, the result is less fuel economy and power loss.

The fuel-oxygen mix is compressed in the Combustion chamber and is ignited by the spark from the spark plug to release energy to power the car.

Combustion using ordinary petrol leaves deposits in the chamber. The deposits reduce the chamber space available for combustion, thereby increasing the compression ratio. In extreme cases of deposits buildup, the octane (RON) requirement increase - meaning the recommended petrol RON may not prevent knocking. These carbon deposits can form hot spots within the chamber which cause pre-ignition of the fuel resulting in loss of fuel economy.

Using the right quality additives ensure the maximum potency to effectively remove engine deposits.

To ensure the additive operates at its maximum potential in the shortest time, we treat the petrol with additives at the maximum treat rate as recommended by the supplier - at 800ppm (parts per million) - which is twice the recommended minimum treat rate. That way, Infiniti Advanced2X burns at maximum combustion in your car engine, resulting in extra mileage, power and smooth acceleration.

Infiniti Ron97 euro4m
Fully-imported petrol with maximum German additives and 90% less sulphur
BHPetrol is happy to announce that the superior Infiniti Euro4M RON97 petrol at all BHPetrol stations nationwide. Cleaner and higher grade, it is another extraordinary result of our commitment to better meet your needs. Enjoy every benefit of this latest petrol with reduced sulphur and German additives at maximum strength at absolutely no extra cost.

Switch to BHPetrol’s Euro4M RON97 today for...
Extended Engine Life
Infiniti Euro4M RON97 contains only 50ppm sulphur, a significant reduction from the 500ppm in Euro2M. This makes it an infinitely more ideal fuel for your vehicle since sulphur causes an increase in the engine’s acid levels, which damages the engine and prevents emission control systems from performing effectively. Now, all it takes for you to better care for your engine and extend its life, is Infiniti Euro4M RON97.

A Cleaner Engine
Infiniti Euro4M RON97 is integrated with superior Deposit Cleaning Agents to remove performance-disrupting carbon deposits from the fuel injector nozzle, intake valve and combustion chamber so your engine runs cleaner to provide maximum mileage and power.

A Cleaner Environment
Infiniti Euro4M RON97 was designed with a mere 50ppm sulphur content to ensure you enjoy a cleaner fuel and better driving experience that reduces toxic emissions. Vehicles with high sulphur levels in their fuel emit harmful pollutants during the combustion process, and hinders exhaust after-treatment technologies from operating as they should. This causes further harm to our health and environment.

Superior Fuel Economy
Infiniti Euro4M RON97 is an advanced formulation with proprietary Friction Reducing Agents that minimises friction between the piston rings and cylinder walls to avoid fuel loss so you enjoy added mileage, or more kilometres per tank.

Peak Performance with Maximum German Additives
Infiniti Euro4M RON97 is treated with high-performance additives from Germany at maximum strength so the additives work more effectively in a lot less time to ensure your vehicle runs at its peak- harmony in performance.