Domestic & Commercial Cylinders
Safe, reliable gas for the home and business
BHPetrogas is available in various convenient distribution systems, designed to satisfy your needs in an economical way. It is available in a range of capacities, from 12 kg and 14 kg cylinders, and 50 kg industrial cylinder to suit any of your home and business appliances.
List of products
Domestic - C12KG Cylinder
For Home Use
Domestic - C14KG Cylinder
For Home Use
B12KG (Black Top) Cylinder
For Commercial & Industrial Usage (Non-Subsidized)
C50 Orange Cylinder
For Dealers’ Customer
C50 Yellow Top Cylinder
For BHPetrogas Direct Customer
Safety in Storage & Handling LPG
Proper standards of storage and handling are necessary for all flammable products. Packages should be treated with care at all stages to prevent fire and health hazards, contamination of contents and damage to containers.

Due to the flash point of below -18°C, any spillage or leak is a severe fire and/or explosion hazard. Exposure of storage vessels to excessive heat may cause relief valves to discharge vapour so all packages should be stored in a confined, well-ventilated place that is away from excessive heat.