Switch to BHPetrogas LPG
BHPetrogas LPG comes in various sizes to meet every need
If you are already using LPG, switching to BHPetrogas LPG is quick and easy. We are part of a nationwide network that provides reliable deliveries and regular servicing, no matter how remote your location. Our LPG bulk sizes range from 50 kg, 200 kg, 2.5 kiloliter, 10 kiloliter, and 21 kiloliter. Our small bulk tanks are highly popular in the market for those with space constraints.

For more information, please call our experienced team at 1300-88-3553.

Benefits of switching to BHPetrogas
  • Clean burning.
  • No soot, low-maintenance and longer-life span of nozzle and burners.
  • No spillage as it vaporises at atmospheric temperature and pressure.
  • Avoids scaling and de-carbonising of parts.
  • Environment-friendly fuel with minimal sulphur-free emissions.
  • Very high efficiency with direct firing system that provides instant heat for faster warm-up and cool-down periods.
  • Applicable for a variety of uses to meet your specific requirements.

Typical characteristics of LPG

  Units Test Method Typical Min. ** Max. **
Relative Density @ 15.6/15.6°C   ASTM D2598 0.555 0.543 0.563
Vapour Pressure @ 37.8°C kPa ASTM D2598 660 500 820
Composition :          
- C2 Hydrocarbon Mole % ASTM D2163 1.1 0 8
- C3 Hydrocarbon Mole % ASTM D2163 26.4 20 40
- C4 Hydrocarbon Mole % ASTM D2163 71.6 50 80
- C5 Hydrocarbon Mole % ASTM D2163 0.9 0 1.5
Free Water   Visual Nil Nil Nil
Total Sulphur * ppm (m/m) ASTM D2784 < 170 0 170
Hydrogen Sulphide   ASTM D2420 Negative Negative Negative
Odour     Distinctive Distinctive Distinctive
Gross Calorific Value MJ/kg Calc. 49.7 - -
* On Unstenched Product
** The minimum and maximum values for the various properties are derived from past production data. As such, the total hydrocarbons’ composition does not add up to 100% numerically.

Note: The above specifications and limits are subject to change without prior notice.