Terminal & Distribution

Terminal & Distribution
Fully equipped, ultra-modern North Port Installation Terminal
BHPetrol takes pride in its progressive bulk fuel storage facility, strategically located at North Port in Port Klang- one of Malaysia’s premier world class ports.

Also known as the Northport Installation (NPI), the state-of-the-art facility is well-equipped with Saab Radar auto-tank gauges, fully automated tank truck loading bays, and automatic additives’ injectors. The facility also boasts twelve (12) above-ground storage tanks with an impressive network of pipelines that range from storage and blending, to distribution of petroleum products to tankers.

One of the leading, and fastest growing companies in fuel technology, BHPetrol stores four (4) grades of petroleum products, including the recently launched, revolutionary Euro 5 Grade Diesel, all of which are acquired via dedicated pipelines.

In addition to exceptional storage for petroleum products, the facility encompasses a warehouse to facilitate efficient storage and distribution of BHPetrol’s wide range of lubricant products.

BHPetrol owns a fleet of road tankers, fully equipped with GPS units, which enables the tankers to be constantly monitored for vehicle safety and delivery integrity.