Experience the symphony of a smooth, powerful engine

Infiniti petrol hits all the right notes. Masterfully composed with superior German additives at double strength, it cleans your engine effectively – removing performance-disrupting carbon deposits – and reduces friction between piston rings and cylinder walls. Giving you more mileage and power worthy of a standing ovation.

Now that’s music to every driver’s ears.

5 Reason That Make Infiniti Different

  1. Latest additives package from Germany.
  2. Additives sourced from the world leading chemical company.
  3. Superior Deposit Cleaning Agents for a cleaner engine.
  4. This new Premium fuel is packed with more proprietary deposit cleaning agents which are designed to remove stubborn carbon deposits in engines and keep the engines clean at all times.

  5. Proprietary Friction Reducing Agents for instantaneous and continuous mileage gain.
  6. About 10 percent of fuel is lost to friction in the moving parts of the engine. Infiniti Advanced 2x is fortified with the latest friction reducing agents to minimize friction between the piston rings and cylinder walls, reducing energy loss and therefore providing instantaneous and continuous mileage gain.

  7. Double Strength Additives for maximum impact at no extra cost.
  8. BHPetrol treats the new petrol with twice the minimum treat rate of additives as recommended by German additive manufacturer at 800 parts per million (ppm).