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BHPetrol eCard Mobile App

The new BHPetrol eCard Mobile App elevates your fuel loyalty experience from your fingertips – Extra convenience exclusively for you!

Earn more ePoints, get more rewards!

How to Earn ePoints with BHPetrol eCard Mobile App?

Earning ePoints

Outdoor Payment via Credit Card


After payment approved, key in eCard ID (last 4 digits of your registered ID) at Outdoor Payment Terminal before fuelling.


Collect receipt with QR code generated after fuelling.


Launch eCard Mobile App and tap on “Scan QR”.


Align QR Code within frame to scan QR code printed on the receipt.


ePoints awarded once QR code is captured.

Indoor Payment via Cashier Counter


Launch eCard Mobile App


Tap on QR Code


Present the QR Code to Cashier to Scan


ePoints awarded upon sales completion

Why BHPetrol eCard Mobile App?

Instant Membership

Download the eCard Mobile App and sign up for free. Upon successful sign up, you can start earning ePoints immediately.

Existing members with physical eCard who successfully sign up the eCard Mobile App will have your ePoints instantly available for viewing.

The purpose of the mobile app is to overcome existing operation inconveniences, such as waiting for replacement card due to lost card or card damage, card need to be replaced periodically due to card life span, card post to the wrong address due to change of address or invalid address.

With the introduction of mobile app, new member can register and earn point immediately, so member will never miss the opportunity to earn point.

Most important of all is to minimize the usage of plastic and this is our little effort to be eco-friendly.


Accessing eCard Mobile App by unlocking the mobile phone authentication via password, biometric and facial recognition offers you a more secure experience. eCard Mobile App password login and the eCard ID (last 4 digits of your registered ID) serves another form of security layer for eCard members.

View Latest Promotions

Never miss another offer while you are out and about and be the first to know about our latest promotions and offers in BHPetrol and partners’ outlets.

For further details, you may view our latest promotions here.

Track Transactions 

View your ePoints transaction history in the eCard Mobile App anytime, anywhere.

Locate BHPetrol Station

Find the nearest BHPetrol station from your fingertips via the eCard Mobile App with your GPS navigation software.

Exciting Selections

On your eCard Mobile App, you can use your ePoints to get:

Redeem RM5 worth of fuel with every 550 ePoints or RM10 worth of fuel with every 950 ePoints.


You can carry one less physical card with the eCard Mobile App; no card expiry and renewal anymore. Download the eCard Mobile App to replace your lost or damage card and earn ePoints.

FAQ: BHPetrol eCard Mobile App

Registration & Conversion

If you are an existing eCard holder, you can continue to use your physical card upon successful registration as the eCard App user.
Existing eCard holders can use both physical card and eCard App simultaneously.
Yes, the existing eCard App users can collect and register for a physical card at the nearest BHPetrol stations.
The collected physical card can be used immediately to earn ePoints. However, ePoints can only be redeemed upon successful card registration. 
No. Existing eCard holders can choose to either use their physical card or eCard App.
Yes. You can download the eCard App at Google Play Store (for Android users) and Apple App Store (for iOS users) to register for the eCard App.
No. There is no membership renewal required.
No. Supplementary eCard holders who prefer to use their physical cards need not to register as the eCard App users.
Please refer to the versions of operating system that are supported by eCard App:
  • For iOS, it requires version 10 and above
  • For Android, it requires version 6.0 and above
eCardID is the last 4-digit of your registered NRIC/ Passport.


You can login to your eCard Mobile App account with your registered email address and password via your new phone.

To protect the earned ePoints from being abused, all members are required to enter their pre-set eCard ID during redemption.

*eCard ID is the last 4 digits of your ID which you have entered during your registration process.

Forgotten Password

You may reset your password by tapping on the Forgot Password function in the login page.

Forgotten Username

You may contact BHPetrol customer service centre at 03-7719 9499 for further assistance.


No. ePoints cannot be earned upon completion of sales transaction without scanning the QR Code at cashier counter. Hence, it is important to present your QR code to the cashier during your purchase.

No. There will be no QR code printed on the receipt for you to scan if no eCard ID is being entered after payment has been approved.

Points Balance Checking

Yes. You may refer to the latest points balance at the top right corner of the eCard Mobile app apart from seeing it at the award receipt and/or redemption slip.

You may approach the cashier counter to request for a reprint copy of receipt before the next transaction takes place at the outdoor payment terminal.
ePoints balance printed on the receipt is the most up-to-date balance in comparison to the ePoints showed in the eCard mobile app.
Should there be any dispute on the eCard, please contact BHPetrol Customer Service at 03-7719 9499 for further enquiries.

Redeem – Station/Partners

No. ePoints will only be deducted after the QR code is scanned by cashier and with the redemption slip printed out from credit card terminal.

To check on the redeemed ePoints, you may go to your Profile > Transaction History > Redeemed > Select Station/Partners

Redeem - Voucher

Yes. Please go to your Profile > Transaction History > Redeemed > Select Voucher, tap on the available voucher and present it to the cashier.

Referrer – How to share Referral Code to your friends?

Step 1: Launch BHPetrol eCard app & tap on the menu icon.

Step 2: Go to Profile by clicking on your registered name.

Step 3: Tap on “REFER A FRIEND” button.
**If you do not see this feature, please update your BHPetrol eCard app to the latest version

Step 4: You may select either one of the below methods to share your referral code to your friends.

  1. By tapping on “Share with Friends” button, you may share your referral code to your friends via WhatsApp, social media, email, etc.


  2. Your friend may scan your referral QR code directly from the ‘Referral Code’ field of the mobile app sign up page.

Referee – How to use the Referral Code shared by your friend?

Step 1: Tap on the link shared by your friend to download the BHPetrol eCard app.

Step 2: After BHPetrol eCard app has been successfully downloaded, please launch the app and then tap on “SIGN UP” button to register for the membership.

Step 3: At the “SIGN UP” page, please enter the necessary information and apply the Referral Code shared by your friend via WhatsApp, social media, email, etc.

Step 4: Enter 6 digits OTP that sent via SMS and tap on the “SUBMIT” button to complete the membership sign up process.

Step 5: After the membership sign up/ registration process has been successfully completed, you may tap on “Start earning ePoints now” to access to the mobile app homepage.

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