Infiniti Euro2 & Euro5 Diesel
Infiniti euro5 diesel

The fuel that truly cares for the engine and our environment
BHPetrol goes all the way to treat Infiniti Euro5 Diesel at the maximum treat rate so it removes both new (Keep Clean) and existing deposits (Clean Up). This ensures that the engine remains clean and operates at its full efficiency as designed by OEMs.

An independent DW10 CEC F 98-08 Laboratory Test show that modern diesel engines running on unadditivised diesel experience 6.2% power loss after about 25 hours of running time. When the fuel is treated with the new additives at the minimum treat rate, power loss reduced to about 1.6%. At the maximum treat rate, the deposits were completely removed and power was restored.

Key advantages of using BHPetrol Infiniti Euro5 with the new additive at maximum treat rate include:
  • Full restoration of power: exceeds OEM’s requirement of less than 2% power loss
  • Higher fuel economy
  • Lower emission
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Restore Fuel Economy & Full Engine Power
NEW Infiniti Euro5 Diesel by BHPetrol is reformulated with the latest German additives that are specially engineered to restore fuel economy and engine power for common rail, direct-injection diesel engines. Its maximum dose rate treatment to restore full engine power, outperforms the OEMs’ requirements*.

You experience the same benefits when fuelling up on Infiniti 2M Diesel**.

* Original Equipment Manufacturers' (OEMs) requirements stipulate that power loss must be less than 2%.
** Also treated with the new additives, which are equally effective for direct injection engines.

Why Modern Diesel Engines Need Infiniti Euro5 Diesel
Extreme temperature pressures in modern diesel engines form hard-to-remove deposits.
Deposits in the fuel injector alter fuel spray patterns set by OEMs, which cause low fuel economy and power loss.
Only additives engineered for modern diesel engines AND treated at maximum strength can restore full engine power.
First in Malaysia
In November 2014, BHPetrol became the first company in Malaysia to offer diesel that meets more stringent Euro5 standards. The availability of this much cleaner, ultra-low sulphur fuel offers motorists with modern common rail, direct injection diesel engines, the opportunity to enjoy peak engine performance and efficiency.

Whether a diesel engine is an old indirect injection, or the latest common rail direct injection type, the combustion process causes deposits to form over time. Additives in the fuel remove these deposits and maintain engine cleanliness by preventing further deposit build-ups.

Additive packages provide Clean Up (removal of existing deposits) and Keep Clean (removal of new deposits) properties depending on the amount of additives added to the fuel. Typically, additives applied at the manufacturer’s maximum treat rate provide both Clean Up and Keep Clean properties, and at minimum treat rate, only Keep Clean.

Infiniti euro2 diesel

Specially formulated to give better mileage with peak performance
Infiniti Diesel is formulated with BHPetrol’s German Diesel Performance Package containing a highly reactive key ingredient that effectively cleans out deposits in diesel engines and injectors. You get better mileage and cleaner running engines that emit less pollutants.

It also provides anti-corrosion protection and a foam inhibitor for easier fill-ups. Treated at the maximum recommended dosage, you also get peak performance every time you fuel up with Infiniti Diesel.
BHPetrol Infiniti Diesel is formulated to Euro 2M standard with less than 500ppm sulphur content so your diesel engine runs cleaner and emits less pollutants- a positive step towards improving the quality of our air.

Infiniti Diesel is treated at the maximum recommended dosage with peak performance German diesel additive formulation, specially designed to prevent deposit build-ups and leave you with a clean engine. 
German Diesel Performance Additives’ Package
Infiniti Diesel is treated with a Diesel Additive Formulation (DAF) specially formulated for fuel economy, engine protection and performance. It contains the following active ingredients:
DAF contains a proprietary, highly reactive key ingredient which effectively cleans out deposits from the engine. Clean engines provide optimal combustion of diesel to give drivers higher fuel economy and power.
DAF offers very effective protection against corrosion. It protects metallic parts such as fuel pipes and tanks from rust formation, and is an extremely effective corrosion inhibitor.
DAF contains foam inhibitor chemicals for easy diesel fill-ups.
FAQs: Infiniti Euro2 Diesel & Infiniti Euro5 Diesel
Yes, they are specially formulated for BHPetrol and come directly from a leading global supplier in the field.
No. There is no increase in the price specified under the Malaysian government’s ‘managed float’ system whereby the monthly pump prices are set based on global oil prices and other factors. For BHPetrol Euro5 Diesel, an extra 10 sen is charged per litre, to cover additional costs of production. This is permitted by the government.
BHPetrol Euro 2M Diesel is for sale at all BHPetrol stations in Malaysia. Euro5 Diesel is available at over 160 stations. Both fuels provide the benefits of the New Generation additives’ package.
BHPetrol Euro5 Diesel has a much lower sulphur content, to improve any engine’s performance as sulphur is damaging to all engines. Whether yours is an old or new engine, it stands to benefit greatly. Regular use of Euro5 Diesel is designed to promote best engine performance.
It is not advisable to use Euro 2M Diesel in modern engines as higher sulphur content causes problems and increase in maintenance costs. Performance will also deteriorate below the engine’s manufacturer’s standards and ultimately, shorten the engine’s life.
No. The New Generation additives’ package that come in every litre of BHPetrol Diesel is sufficient to provide all necessary Clean Up & Keep Clean advantages.
Both Infiniti Euro5 and Euro 2M Diesels are treated with additives at the recommended quantity to provide maximum Clean Up (removal of existing deposits) and Keep Clean (removal of new deposits) advantages for your engine and injector.
You can mix the two grades of BHPetrol Diesels. However, the full benefits of Euro5 Diesel, such as its ultra-low sulphur content will be compromised, which hinders the engine’s ability to operate at its best level.