5 Top Emergencies on the Highway and How to React to Them

Nobody expects an emergency on the highway, but preparing for the worst-case scenario is important. As the festive season is nearing, we might expect more crowded traffic during the Chinese New Year holidays. Hence, being familiar with the protocols to respond well in an emergency can help you minimise the risks to yourself and others on the road.

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So buckle up as we provide you 5 practical tips on how to handle different types of highway emergencies safely.

Knowing the Emergency Numbers

Before hitting the road, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the emergency numbers of the highway you’re using. Keep a list of important contact numbers in your vehicle, including police stations, ambulance services, and towing companies. In case of emergencies, here is a list of numbers you can dial to seek assistance on the road:

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What to Do in Case of Car Breakdowns

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Breaking down on the highway can be distressing. If you have a breakdown, try to get your car to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights (double signal). If you cannot move the vehicle, ensure your hazard lights are on, and alert the authorities immediately. Make sure you stay inside your car and call for help. If you have a warning triangle, place it 50 meters behind the car to warn other vehicles.


How to Handle Accidents

If you witness an accident, pull over at a safe distance and call 999 to alert the authorities. If you are involved in an accident, prioritise the safety of everyone in the vehicle and call for immediate medical attention if it is needed. If the vehicle is still stable, move it to the side of the road and switch on the hazard lights. Take photos of the accident site for insurance purposes and exchange information with the other driver(s).


Dealing with Flat Tires

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A flat tire can happen to anyone while driving, and it can be dangerous on the highway. Slow down and try to get to the emergency parking lane or a rest area to replace the tire. Turn on the hazard light and place a warning triangle at least 50 meters away from your car while changing the tire. If you cannot change it yourself, call for assistance. Remember to always check your spare tire before embarking on a journey.


Coping with Heavy Rain and Floods

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In our previous blogs, we have shared insights on ensuring safety while driving in heavy downpours. When navigating through these challenging conditions on the highway, it is crucial to adopt certain practices to enhance safety. Similar to driving in other rainy conditions, you should immediately reduce your speed, switch on your headlights, and keep a safe distance away from other vehicles in front. In cases where driving through floodwaters becomes unavoidable, be sure to follow these tips to safely navigate through the floodwater. If your car stalls during the flood, stay inside the car and avoid touching the electrical or metal components.


Responding to Fires and Explosions

Vehicle fires and explosions are rare, but they can happen. If you smell smoke or notice any signs of fire, pull over to a safe area immediately, make sure passengers get out of the car, and call the fire department and other emergency services. Do not open the bonnet if you suspect an engine fire. Try to move away from the vehicle to a safe distance and warn other drivers to stay away.


We hope you are now better equipped to ensure your safety and that of other road users during any highway emergency. Remember to stay calm, pull over to a safe location and activate your hazard lights when faced with an emergency. 

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