7 Must Try Grab-and-Go Coffee Spots for Malaysian Drivers

Are you heavily relying on coffee to fuel your day? We know that finding time for a sit-down coffee break can be a challenge with a packed schedule. That’s why grab-and-go coffee may sound like a better idea to many drivers who need an instant caffeine boost without having to take time out of their day.

The good news is that there are plenty of great grab-and-go coffee spots in selected BHPetrol stations, offering one-stop for refuelling, taking a break while grabbing delicious drinks and enjoying them on the go. Whatโ€™s even better? Now with BHPetrol eCard and eCard app, you can even save money and earn points at any of the 400 BHPetrol stations across the country!ย 

So buckle up and let’s take a coffee hunt journey through this list of 7 must-try grab-and-go coffee spots for drivers in Malaysia!


1) ZUS Coffee

Zus coffee Grab and go spot BHPetrol


Zus Coffee is a Malaysian-based coffee chain known for its speciality coffee offerings. With the best quality ingredients and high-level coffee brewing technology, Zus Coffee is also famous for its unique blends such as its signature ZUS Gula Melaka, Japanese Genmai Matcha Latte, and the Sparkling Americano with Honey Lemon (Thunder).

Locate ZUS Coffee:

๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Jalan Maarof


ZUS coffee redemption voucher and promo BHPetrol eCard app


If youโ€™re opting for a delivery service, consider downloading BHPetrol eCard app and redeem your 300 ePoints using the BHPetrol X ZUS Coffee referral code to claim your instant cash voucher! You can use the ePoints to redeem RM5 ZUS Coffee voucher only at BHPetrol eCard app every month!


2) Richiamo Coffee

Richiamo Coffee Grab and go spot BHPetrol


Loved by many locals, Richiamo Coffee gained its popularity for its dedication to serving freshly brewed coffee, prioritising the use of premium Arabica beans, which results in smooth and aromatic coffee experiences. Besides traditional coffee, Richiamo also offers signature beverages and speciality lattes that cater to different taste preferences.ย 

Locate Richiamo Coffee:

๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Jalan Baru, Perai


3) Gloria Jean’s


Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for high-quality brews or someone seeking a refreshing beverage, Gloria Jean’s Coffees offers a range of options to satisfy your cravings! With its iconic orange colour, Gloria Jeanโ€™s is also known for its extensive menu that features creative flavour combinations, speciality syrups, and toppings.ย 

Travelling with your kids or a non-coffee drinker? Gloria Jeanโ€™s also offers an array of blended beverages, smoothies, and cold drinks, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Locate Gloria Jeanโ€™s Coffee:

๐Ÿ“BHPetrol Jalan Kuching
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Kayu Ara


4) Dunkin’ Donuts


Being a renowned fast-food chain with a strong presence in Malaysia, Dunkin’ Donuts needs no more introduction. Although famous for its doughnuts, Dunkin’ also serves a range of coffee options, including its signature Dunkin’ Original Blend coffee and flavoured coffee selections in hot and cold options. With an accessible take-out counter, you can easily grab a cuppa coffee to go while youโ€™re out and about.

Locate Dunkinโ€™ Donuts:

๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Karak
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Sg Buloh

๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Jalan Cheras

๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Bentong
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Ladang Bikam


5) McDonald’s


Conveniently equipped with a drive-thru driveway, McDonald’s and Mc Cafe are ready to serve coffee to many drivers in Malaysia. Their McCafe concept offers a selection of coffee and non-coffee beverages which includes standard coffee options and other limited-time speciality drinks like Green Tea Latte. For drivers looking for a quick caffeine boost, McDonald’s drive-thru service and accessible locations make it easy to grab a coffee without leaving the car.

Locate McCafe:

๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Taman Melawati DT
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Taman Kosas DT
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Jalan Kapar
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Jalan Kepong
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Kewajipan DT
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Subang Airport DT


6) Costa Coffee


Costa Coffee offers a range of coffee beverages made from their signature Mocha Italia beans, delivering the perfect balance of hearty flavour, rich aroma, and smooth taste. From classic espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos and macchiatos to indulgent flavoured lattes, Costa Coffee has something for every coffee lover!ย 

Locate Costa Coffee:

๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol KL – Karak Highway
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Sg Dua Highway (North & South Bound)
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Pagoh Highway (North & South)
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Tapah Highway
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Sg Besi Harmony
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Jalan Kuching
๐Ÿ“ BHPetrol Jalan KTJBB


7) BHPetromart


When you’re short on time and seeking a quick caffeine fix, look no further than the BHPetromart conveniently located in every BHPetrol station. Aside from offering snacks and necessities, In addition to our selection of snacks and essentials, our chiller is also stocked with a wide range of refreshing canned coffees, presenting a variety of options to choose from.ย 

Whatโ€™s more? With 400 BHPetrol stations around the country, you can now easily collect and redeem ePoints at the indoor terminal by showing the QR code on the BHPetrol eCard app and scanning it at the cashier counter to add up your points.

There you go, 7 local grab-and-go coffee spots that you can check out to satisfy your caffeine cravings!


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