Petrol Vs EV: Is EV Cheaper To Drive In Malaysia?

Are you considering making the switch from petrol to electric vehicles (EVs) in Malaysia? This is an important decision as it affects more than just the costs, but also the environmental and sustainability impact. 

We at BHPetrol believe in innovative and sustainable solutions, so we started to venture into the first EV charging station in Malaysia back in 2017, and ever since then we have introduced 3 stations around the Klang Valley area with EV chargers made available for the electric vehicle drivers, which are BHPetrol Sungai Kayu Ara, BHPetrol Sungai Besi Harmony, and BHPetrol Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

And in this blog article, we will examine various aspects of EVs and conventional petrol-powered vehicles. We will compare traditional petrol vehicles with EVs on costs such as fuel expenses, vehicle taxes, maintenance fees, and more – so you can make an informed decision about which option is best for you.

What Is The Hype About Electric Vehicles (EVs)?

   Petrol car electric vehicle comparison in malaysia


In recent years, EVs have gained increasing popularity among Malaysian drivers due to various factors. One significant reason is the reduced environmental impact associated with EVs, which helps reduce air pollution and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. 

In addition, the Malaysian government also encourages EV adoption through tax exemptions and incentives, aligned with environmental commitments, and stimulates investment in EV manufacturing and infrastructure development while fostering a sustainable transportation transition. 

Despite the heated discussion over electric vehicles, petrol vehicles still remained the dominant choice with a well-established network of petrol stations throughout the country. People are generally more accustomed to the operation and maintenance of petrol vehicles and feel more comfortable with them.


Cost comparison between petrol and EV cars in Malaysia

Cost of purchasing vehicles in malaysia

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When it comes to choosing between petrol and electric vehicles in Malaysia, the cost is a significant deciding factor. Although electric cars have a lower cost of electricity fuel option compared to petrol, they come with a higher initial cost due to the current production and technology costs that are still more expensive than traditional vehicles in the short-term. 

In contrast, petrol-powered vehicles which require a relatively low initial cost are highly subject to volatile fuel prices. Considering the impact of the overall budget in the long run, maintenance of petrol cars can also be costly including oil changes, filter replacements, and other services.

Environmental friendly car driving experience

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The time cost of refueling or recharging can also impact a driver’s decision between the two. With petrol cars typically having a wider driving range with shorter refueling time, there is a need for further advancements to increase the driving range and reduce the charging time to attract more potential EV buyers. 


Final Verdict – EVs or Petrol Car?


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to whether EV cars are cheaper to drive in Malaysia. With the increased awareness surrounding climate change rising every day, it looks like electric vehicles are moving further toward becoming a mainstay of transportation in Malaysia in the near future. 


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Ultimately, the choices of vehicles come down to personal preference – what benefits do you value the most? Safety, environmental friendliness, or cost savings? What’s your verdict? Share and let us know!