RON95 or RON97 – Which petrol should you choose?

The choice of fuel for your car can have a huge impact on its performance and efficiency. The right fuel is one that will increase power, reduce emissions,and help save money by extending the vehicle’s life. On the other hand, the wrong choice could lead to frequent breakdowns and parts replacements. 

In Malaysia, the most popular types of petrol are RON95 and RON97. RON refers to the Research Octane Number, which measures fuel quality and performance rating. Generally, the higher the RON number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating — making the engine “high performance”.


BHPetrol Infiniti RON95 Euro4M & RON97 Euro4M

RON95 or RON97 – Which petrol should you choose

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At BHPetrol, we offer the Infiniti RON95 Euro4M and RON97 Euro4M which are revolutionised with the latest generation German additives at 800 ppm, designed to be the perfect solution for deposit sensitive, modern engines. This inventive blend of additives can take your engine’s performance to the next level –providing you with better fuel efficiency, deposit removal and corrosion protection for long-lasting dependability! This means that you’ll get to enjoy not only superior fuel economy and peak performance, but also a cleaner engine and a cleaner environment!


Should I use RON95 or RON97 for my vehicle?

Understanding the fuel requirements of your vehicle is critical to its performance and longevity. The compression ratio, specified in the service manual or on your car’s fuel lid cover, determines which type of octane rating is optimal for the engine. 

Generally speaking, engines with higher compression use a higher octane rating such as RON97- an important consideration if you have a motor greater than 2,500cc! However, do take caution when filling up: using a lower octane rating can result in pre-ignition issues that will damage not just performance but potentially even lead to explosions – so stick to what’s officially recommended by manufacturers at all costs! 


What other factors should I consider?

Before filling, you should also consider each petrol’s price point and its potential to be eco-friendly. 

Generally, the price of petrol is influenced by market demand and supply. However, in Malaysia, RON95 is cheaper than in most other countries due to our government’s fuel subsidy scheme which covers RON95 petrol and diesel. As such, RON95 has a fixed price point for an extended period of time, whereas RON97’s price will fluctuate from time to time. 

In terms of being environmentally friendly, RON97 is the way to go if you care about performance and efficiency, plus positively impacting the environment. Its high octane rating gives it an edge over other fuels when used in higher-powered engines – not only will your car help save resources while running more efficiently but also generate less harmful emissions into our air! However, as mentioned earlier, choosing the right petrol is highly dependent on the type of engine your vehicle has.


Can I mix both RON95 and RON97?

Today, modern cars are equipped with advanced tech that can regulate the combustion process regardless of what kind of fuel is being used – so you don’t have to worry! While it’s perfectly safe to blend RON95 and RON97 petrol together so long as they meet or exceed minimum requirements set by your engine manufacturer, never mix diesel with regular petrol! Similarly, mixing different brands of petrol won’t harm your car either because most major fuels share similar compositions.


Final Verdict – RON95 or RON97?

If you want to make sure your car runs smoothly and efficiently, it’s worth considering the type of petrol used. RON95 is usually suitable and wallet-friendly for everyday vehicles with standard engine performance; however, if yours has a high-performance engine, then filling up on RON97 will help increase fuel efficiency making those trips to the pump much more economical! Be sure to consult your car manufacturer first though so that you get exactly what’s best for its needs.