Top Tips to Save LPG Gas at Home

Are you Team Electric Stove or Team LPG Gas Stove? The debate between these two types of stoves continues to spark discussion over decades. While both have their advantages, many cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs prefer gas stovetop cooking for its excellent heat control properties, making cooking easy, fast, and economical.

With that in mind, BHPetrol’s range of LPG, also known as BHPetrogas, stands out as the perfect choice for cooking. It delivers immediate and consistent heat that’s effortless to manage. What sets it apart is its top-tier quality, eco-friendly nature, and cost-effective energy source that does not contain any harmful or nauseating substances. In fact, as a safety measure, it is also odorised to enable quick detection in case of gas leakage!

While LPG is popular for cooking at home, managing energy consumption is also paramount to many families. If not managed carefully, the cost of LPG can quickly become a significant expense. Here, we will discuss some tips and tricks on how to save LPG gas at home, which will help you reduce your gas bills! 


Tip #1 – Cook with A Lid On

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Cooking food with a lid on can save a significant amount of LPG gas. By using a lid, you trap the heat, and the food gets cooked faster, thereby reducing your cooking time and gas consumption. Additionally, using a lid retains moisture and nutrients in your food, making it healthier and more flavorful.


Tip #2 – Choose The Right Size Gas Hob

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Choosing the right size of burner or gas hob for your cooking needs is another great way to save LPG gas. Selecting a smaller burner helps you conserve energy as it requires less fuel to heat up and therefore, uses less gas. Additionally, using a larger burner than necessary can be ineffective and inefficient, leading to higher energy costs.


Tip #3 – Use Low Heat Setting and Preheating

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One of the most effective ways to save LPG gas is to always use a low heat setting when cooking. Low heat settings help you conserve fuel as they require less energy and time for your food to cook. Additionally, preheating can also help conserve LPG gas as it cuts down on the total amount of energy used while cooking.

Preheating your stove is an essential step for cooking but often goes unnoticed, leading to unnecessary gas consumption. To save LPG gas, turn off the flame after preheating your stove and heat your utensils without the flame. This technique can save up to 20% of gas usage and reduce your cooking time as well.


Tip #4 – Clean Your Stovetop and Burner Regularly

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Cleaning your stovetop and burners regularly helps improve their efficiency and reduce gas consumption. A clean stove and burner ensure that the flame is evenly distributed and prevents gas leakage, leading to effective and safe cooking. Additionally, cleaning your stove and burner also improves the lifespan of the appliances, saving you money in the long run.


And there you have it! It’s time for you to start these LPG-saving lifestyle practices to reduce your LPG gas usage, save money, and make the most of your LPG gas usage. With that in mind, if safety and effectiveness are both your goals, consider switching to BHPetrogas today for an energy-effective cooking experience at home!