When and How to Renew Road Tax in Malaysia

For any driver in Malaysia, one of the key responsibilities and legal obligations is the timely renewal of road tax for your vehicle. It’s not just a chore; it’s an essential part of maintaining your road legality and ensuring that you can continue your journeys without any unnecessary interruptions.

Want to keep yourself and everyone else on the road safe? It all starts with taking great care of your car to ensure it’s running at its best. Not sure where to begin? Dive into our BHPetrol blog for all the insider tips you need! Whether you’re a new driver needing a comprehensive guide or seeking to debunk common car myths, we’ve got you covered. But first, let’s talk about road tax renewal.

Renewing your road tax should be a painless process if you know when and how to do it. In this guide, we will cover the basics of road tax renewal, including convenient online options that can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on this task.

Road Tax Renewal Preparation

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Before you begin the process, there are a few items you should prepare to ensure a smooth renewal:

  • Inspection and Insurance: Ensure your vehicle has a valid insurance policy and has passed the required inspection (if applicable).
  • Ownership Documentation: Make sure you have the latest registration card (grant) for your vehicle.
  • Funds: Have the correct amount of funds ready to pay for the renewal. Check for current rates and any additional processing fees beforehand.
  • Basic Information: Be prepared to provide personal details and vehicle information. This includes your identity card number, address, vehicle registration number, and chassis number.

Renew in Advanced

It’s wise to renew your road tax prior! This way, you’re ahead of any unexpected delays and have that extra buffer for last-minute hiccups. Stay legal on the roads without the stress of racing against time.

Thinking about renewing your car’s road tax early and worried it might shift your next deadline? Fret not! You can renew up to two months before it’s due and still keep your original road tax expiry date for the next year.

Online Renewal

Driving Mobile App Road tax driving license-MyJPJ mobile app

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Renewing your road tax online can be a major time-saver over traditional methods. The steps involved are often simpler, and you can do it from the comfort of your home, avoiding long queues at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) offices or post branches.

Step-by-Step Online Renewal Process

  1. Visit the MyEG or Other e-Services platform: You’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Enter Vehicle and Personal Details: Fill in your vehicle and personal details accurately as required.
  3. Upload Required Documents: The system usually requires you to upload copies of your identification documents, grant (registration card), insurance, and Puspakom inspection if required.

Make Payment: Use the platform’s secure payment options to complete the transaction.

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While the JPJ encourages the adoption of the digital road tax (LKM) available through the MyJPJ app, physical road tax documents remain available and can be issued at various places for your convenience. These include all JPJ counters, as well as authorised agents like Pos Malaysia, MyEG, and Puspakom. For mySIKAP user, you’ll need to visit a JPJ counter to collect the physical road tax.

Road Tax Renewal Documents Required

When you’re ready to renew, make sure you have these documents in hand:

  • Vehicle Registration Card: Also known as a grant or ‘geran’, which is an A4-sized document that includes your vehicle’s technical details and your name as the registered owner.
  • Insurance Certificate: Ensure your insurance coverage is current, as you’ll need to present a valid certificate during renewal.
  • Valid inspection report (if required): This is only necessary if your vehicle type requires periodic checks.
  • Identification Documents: Be ready with copies of your MyKad for identity verification.

Late Renewal

If you are renewing your road tax after the expiration date, you may be subject to fines and penalties. It’s best to avoid this situation, but if you find yourself in it, act quickly. Make the renewal a priority as you are not allowed to drive with an expired road tax.

Fines for late renewal start accruing from the first day of expiration and can increase significantly after 30 days. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to check out the JPJ FAQ.


By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to renew your road tax with minimal fuss, giving you the peace of mind to keep on driving. Don’t forget, being proactive with your road tax renewal is a sign of a responsible driver, and it sets the tone for safe and respectful road use in our communities.

Resources like BHPetrol’s blogs and social media can keep you informed about road tax renewal and provide additional driving and car care tips, ensuring you’re always in the know about how to maintain your vehicle and be a conscientious driver.

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