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Commercial Vehicle Oil
Trans lubricants are formulated for a wide range of light duty and heavy duty applications, and operating environments. Trans delivers excellent engine protection and performance in light and heavy duty commercial road vehicles, trucks, lorries, and pickup trucks. Trans is suitable for diesel engine machinery used in construction, mining, quarrying, and agriculture.

Notes:  Retail prices are subject to 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST)   • WM : West Malaysia   • EM : East Malaysia
Retail prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Retail Price
Pack WM EM
7L RM 118.00 RM 123.00
5L RM 103.00 RM 115.00
Trans Super
Ultimate Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil
SAE 15W-40     API CI-4/SL
Retail Price
Pack WM EM
5L RM 88.00 RM 98.00
Trans Diesel
Premium Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil
SAE 20W-50     API CF/SF
Retail Price
Pack WM EM
5L RM 78.00 RM 88.00
Trans HDX Plus
High Performance Monograde Engine Oil
SAE 40     API CF
Retail Price
Pack WM EM
5L RM 76.00 RM 83.00
4L RM 67.00 RM 75.00
1L RM 18.80 RM 20.80
Trans HD 40
High Quality Engine Oil
SAE 40     API CD
Before selecting and/or using any lubricant, please consult the owner’s manual and/or vehicle’s manufacturer for the standards recommended, or specified for your specific vehicle. Boustead Petroleum Marketing is not responsible or liable for any damage and/or injuries arising from incorrect and/or improper selection and use of BHPetrol Lubricants.