Safety at the Station

BHPetrol puts your safety first

BHPetrol is fully committed to actively provide our customers, staff force, and business partners with the very best safety measures. Every member of our team is a skilled professional who shares our earnest commitment to place everyone’s safety as our topmost priority. BHPetrol reinforces our commitment to ensure safety first, from the earliest stages of the design, construction and building of our facilities. This unwavering commitment is preserved throughout the facilities’ life cycle, from the the time of its operation with regular inspections to identify and deal with any potential process safety hazards.
Golden Rules of Safety
No smoking
No mobile phone by the petrol pump
Engine off before dispensing petrol
No naked flame
No plastic bottles for storing petrol. Use approved containers
No re-fueling while seated on a motorcycle
Strictly no dispensing for children under 16 years of age
Children’s safety

BHPetrol supports the law that states, children under 16 are not allowed to operate petrol pumps, even under adult supervision. In consideration of typical bustling activity at the forecourt, young children should always be accompanied to a service station’s bathroom or shop. Please do not confine children in a vehicle on their own without a proper flow of fresh air.
Ignition tips
Please shut down your car’s engine before refuelling to avoid potential electrical leaks or sparks, from old spark plugs, or other electrical wires. Such sparks are especially hazardous when drivers are refuelling on petrol.
Mobile Phones
Please switch off, and stop using your mobile phone at the pump. A mobile phone that is dropped may produce a hazardous spark due to flammable petrol vapours.
Bikers’ safety
Please get down from your motorbike when refuelling. It is crucial that your bike is kept steady to avoid splashing fuel on yourself and your motorbike. While many bikers try to squeeze in that little extra into their tank by keeping their bikes upright rather than propped on its stand while refuelling, it is safer to allow some space in the tank to accommodate increase in temperatures that expand the fuel and avoid overflowing. The risk of ignition is higher because the fuel tank is very close to the engine, and may ignite if a biker becomes distracted and unintentionally pull the nozzle out of the tank before releasing the trigger.
Smoking Safety

Please do not smoke, light a match or stub a cigarette out, especially around pumps and fuel containers. It is also hazardous to leave cigarettes burning in your car’s ashtray. Petrol is a volatile, highly flammable liquid that emits ignitable vapours.
Petrol Spill Safety
In case you spill fuel while filling your vehicle's tank, or a container: 
  • Immediately inform the console operator;
  • Do not start up your engine until the spill is cleaned, and the console operator informs you that it is safe to resume your drive;
  • Do not hose down the spill into the drain with water: This is illegal and against our policy and procedures;
  • Do not inhale too much fumes as petrol products produce toxic irritants;
  • Be careful of static electricity that could ignite clothing and cause severe burns.