Safety on Site

BHPetrol puts your safety first

We are fully committed to actively provide our customers, staff force, and business partners with the very best safety measures. Our committment to safety is reinforced from the earliest stages of design, construction and building of our facilities, and is preserved throughout the facilities life cycle, during time of operation and so forth.

Golden Rules of Safety

No smoking | No mobile phones by the petrol pump | Engine off before dispensing petrol | No naked flame | No plastic bottles for storing petrol | No re-fueling while seated on motorcycle | Strictly no dispensing for children under 16 years of age

Safety Measures

Children’s Safety

Ignition Tips

Shut down your car’s engine before refuelling to avoid potential electrical leaks or sparks, from old spark plugs, or other electrical wires.

Mobile Phones

To switch off, do not use your mobile phone at the pump.

Bikers Safety

Smoking Safety

Do not smoke, light a match or stub a cigarette anywhere in the station or your vehicle.

Petrol Spill Safety

In case you spill fuel while filling your vehicle’s tank, or a container:

  1. Immediately inform the console operator;
  2. Do not start your engine until the spill is cleaned, and the console operator informs you that it is safe to resume your drive;
  3. Do not hose down the spill into the drain with water: This is illegal and against our policy and procedures;
  4. Do not inhale too much fumes as petrol products produce toxic irritants;
  5. Be careful of static electricity that could ignite clothing and cause severe burns.

All of our above safety measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all our customers, staff and surrounding neighbourhoods. These measures help to ensure that there are no hazardous sparks, flammable liquids, toxic irritants, or fire.

Safety On-Sites

We’re committed in achieving the highest standards of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) performance everytime and everywhere – whether it’s at our service stations, terminal and distribution centers or on-site.